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Launching ITOM Idea Exchange!

Launching ITOM Idea Exchange!

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 We’re excited to announce the launch of ITOM Idea Exchange! The community is now live for the following ITOM suites - SMA-X Idea Exchange,   HCM Idea Exchange,   DP Idea Exchange,   NOM Idea Exchange,   DCA Idea Exchange.

Idea Exchange is a web-based platform where users can submit Enhancement Requests (ERs) and new ideas, vote on existing ideas to show their interests and comment on ideas to influence ITOM products future. The Idea Exchanges are moderated by product management and offers transparency, current status, and engages community members to uncover opportunities to innovate.

Idea Exchange will replace the existing Enhancement Request process via the SSO portal. We invite you to login to ITOM Idea Exchange community with your Software passport account, share your ideas, and enhance existing ideas with your votes and comments.

Stay tuned for OpsBridge, and other Idea Exchanges coming soon.

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The OpsBridge Idea Exchange has now launched and can be found here: