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Operations Bridge wins Reader’s Choice Award

Operations Bridge wins Reader’s Choice Award

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As more organizations move to cloud--whether it be private, private and public, multiple public clouds, private and multiple public clouds--the monitoring of those environments becomes even more important and more difficult. Keep in mind that come of these environments are out of your direct control

There are whole set of new problems as you expand to cloud environments:

  • You can't see in the cloud infrastructure
  • Agents you use for traditional monitoring may not work in public clouds, certainly not in SaaS environments
  • When there is a problem you need to determine if it is in your control or theirs. , If it is their problem, you now have a third party to deal with in the diagnosis and repair.
  • Cloud providers are known to make changes at will; something we hear you would never do during a critical time like end of quarter processing
  • Cloud providers give limited and untimely reports

For all these reasons and more keeping a careful watch on these vendors is very important to keep within your availability and performance requirements.

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The Micro Focus Operations Bridge infrastructure monitoring team is very proud to have won a 2017 Reader's Choice award for the product's monitoring capabilities.

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The three German language portals/magazines BigData insiders, CloudComputing insiders, DataCenter insiders, Dev insiders, IP insiders, Security insiders and Storage insiders continued their Reader’s Choice Award in 2017 and Operations Bridge took first place in the Cloud Monitoring category. From mid-April to the end of August over 30,000 votes were cast in total for all categories. You can read the report here. (If you don't read German, Google translate does a good job on this content.)


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