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IT Operations Management (ITOM)

Starting Smart with Operations Bridge Express: Getting the keys to success

Starting Smart with Operations Bridge Express: Getting the keys to success

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When choosing an IT monitoring solution, one of the first decisions to make is whether to go for agent-based or agentless monitoring. Agent-based monitoring requires deploying data collection agents on all monitored systems, which gives more granular and deep information about the monitored application/infrastructure. This level of granularity adds to the cost and the complexity of the monitoring setup. Agentless monitoring, on the other hand, means that monitoring can be accomplished without installing and maintaining agent software, which results in quick time-to-value, low initial costs, and easier deployment and maintenance as compared to agent-based monitoring.

Operations Bridge Express is based on Micro Focus SiteScope – an agentless infrastructure and application monitoring solution designed to help you ensure the availability and performance of distributed IT infrastructure and applications. It provides 100+ out-of-the-box monitors types and solution templates for the URL, systems and application monitoring, and includes alerting and reporting capabilities, along with a dashboard for a real-time picture of the monitored environments. Operations Bridge Express also provides support for multi-cloud and container monitoring.

For more information on the agentless monitoring using SiteScope, please take a look at the Operations Bridge Express and the SiteScope documentation.

Below is a list of benefits that you gain by using Operations Bridge Express:

  • Quick time-to-value and low initial costs: Simplicity and savings due to faster deployment, lower software license fees and 60 minutes to value
  • Ease of implementation and maintenance: Simple setup – installed on a single server running as a service or a process
  • Lightweight agentless monitoring: Ability to monitor infrastructure without deploying agent software on the systems to be monitored
  • Self-service monitoring: Ability to configure and manage using APIs
  • Multi-vendor system support: Monitors products from multiple vendors to address potential problems in critical applications before users are affected
  • Intuitive web-based UI: Reduced time for managing monitoring environments through a user-friendly browser-based interface for viewing and administering the monitoring platform
  • Standardized monitor deployment and updates using templates: You can create your own individual templates or use preconfigured SiteScope solution templates. Many monitor types can be further customized for specific environments.
  • Out-of-the-box content: Comes with more than 100 out-of-the-box monitors or use custom monitors with adjustable thresholds
  • Customizable alerting and server-based reporting: Easy-to-use alerting capabilities to help you resolve the issues before they have a negative impact on your environment
  • Cloud and virtualization readiness: A broad range of virtualization platform and monitoring types including Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services monitoring and Amazon Cloud Watch integration for auto-scaling, alerting, and reporting support

So what exactly is included in the Operations Bridge Express Edition?

Operations Bridge Express is available for 5+ nodes as a 5-pack or as a 50-pack for 50+, 250+ and 1000+ nodes. For each node of the node pack, you are entitled to the following:

  • All Micro Focus SiteScope Solution Templates, as well as SiteScope Monitors (except for Transaction Monitoring)
  • Monitors of the following type: URL, URL Content, URL List, URL Sequence, Web Service, Link Check, XML Metrics
  • URL entitlement for 5 URLs for every Operations Bridge node

Whether you choose to use a monitoring agent or decide to go for the agentless monitoring – the choice depends on your monitoring needs and policy requirements. If your business demands you to get up and running quickly with lower initial costs – start with Operations Bridge Express. As your environment grows and requires broader and more in-depth monitoring, you can easily upgrade to Operations Bridge Premium and System Collector (which includes agent-based and agentless monitoring).

If you need to consolidate multiple SiteScope servers and various third-party monitoring tools but you would also like to have the benefits of the lightweight agentless monitoring, you can consider adding Micro Focus Operations Bridge Premium or Ultimate editions to the Express edition.

Operations Bridge is an industry-leading containerized IT operations monitoring solution that provides consolidation of all types of data, automated discovery and remediation, big data analytics and sophisticated reporting.

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