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HPE Software is now Micro Focus
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The rise of machines: Conquering Big Data in IT

The rise of machines: Conquering Big Data in IT


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Guest post by Alina Gicqueau, Product Line Manager for HP Analytics Center


Join me and my co-presenter Will Cappelli, Gartner Research VP, for “The rise of the machines to conquer Big Data in IT” at HP Discover in Barcelona on Dec 2-4. This presentation will cover the basic principles of machine learning that allows systems to act based on the detected situation without being programmed to do so in advance—aka the benefits of machine learning. We will also cover how machine learning is impacting IT operations analytics now and future trends.

We will touch on key and foundational algorithms that make systems capable of learning and we will share examples of machine learning applications in real life.


We then will explain how machine learning is applicable in IT operations management, in general, and Operations Analytics, in particular. We will discuss how the application of machine learning to IT Operations Management disciplines results in a change of style. Now you can evolve from being simply reactive, to a proactive and pre-emptive management style and gain improved MTTR and extended mean-time between failures.


This session will cover business, planning and technical issues for VP of Operations, VP of Infrastructure, Directors of IT, Application Architects, Enterprise Systems Management professionals, Systems Administrators, Application Support professionals, Infra/Network Support, Problem Managers, Service Managers, NOC/Ops Bridge Managers, Data Analysts, and Data specialists.


Despite all the automation and a variety of monitoring tools you have deployed, outages and performance problems do sometimes occur. That’s just life in IT, right? And when they do occur, that’s when the real test begins. Gaining insights into how machine learning can help troubleshoot and get back to normal operations can define your reputation as an IT professional.


You will learn how to transform your IT Operations from a reactive “all hands on decks”-driven style to pre-emptive management style. You will also learn how leveraging machine learning can help break you from organizational and IT silos and gain consolidated historical, real time, and developing trends perspective. You’ll also learn how dynamic behavioral learning of your IT environment dramatically speed up and automate your troubleshooting process.

Our session is on Tuesday, Dec 2, 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM


Register for HP Discover here. You won’t want to miss one moment of the action!


About the author

Alina Gicqueau is a seasoned product manager who comes from performance analytics background. For the last 15 years, she has been focusing on building products for IT Operations that leverage machine learning and dynamic baselining and correlation algorithms.



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