HPE Software is now Micro Focus
HPE Software is now Micro Focus
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What's New in Backup Navigator 9.6

What's New in Backup Navigator 9.6

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HPE Backup Navigator 9.60 is here for you to try out or to upgrade your environment. A companion product to HPE Data Protector, Backup Navigator is an analytics, monitoring and reporting tool which allows customers to optimize their backup and recovery environment. Backup Navigator provides IT staff with customizable, interactive dashboards and analytical reports based on 75+ key backup performance indicators. Using these dashboards, IT staff can proactively identify inefficiencies within their backup operations and unbalanced use of backup resources, find and resolve backup issues and potential resource conflicts, and do data-driven planning for future capacity needs.

In addition to helping to optimize the Data Protector backup environment, Backup Navigator simplifies the use of Data Protector in multi-cell environments in which more than one Data Protector Cell Manager is needed in large or geographically dispersed deployments, and in multi-tenant implementations where secure access to backup operations is required by multiple customers as can be the case in complex, dispersed environments or in Service Providers operations.

The newest version of the product, Backup Navigator 9.60, supports all the features of the latest version of Data Protector 10.00. Read this blog to find out about new features of Data Protector 10.00, our backup and recovery software solution.

New features of Backup Navigator 9.60 enable IT operations and backup administrators even greater and faster insight into their backup and recovery environments. These features include: 

VM Explorer Support: Backup Navigator 9.60 offers full support for VM Explorer, allowing users to report on both DP and VMX from the same reporting solution.


Automatic Recommendations: Backup Navigator 9.60 contains ‘Automatic Recommendations’, a feature that will allow administrators to have recommendations displayed to them based on the information gathered and analysed by Backup Navigator for sessions. Backup Navigator 9.60 includes the detailed problem description and recommended actions for substantial number of DP errors. This way the customer can resolve the backup problems much quicker.


HPE Data Protector 10.00 Support: Backup Navigator 9.60 will fully support the latest DP version, DP version 10.00. 

HPE Data Protector 10.00 ‘Consolidated Scheduler’ Support: Backup Navigator 9.60 will support the new DP Consolidated Scheduler. This is great news for ABR customers (Data Protector + Backup Navigator), as Backup Navigator previously only supported the ‘legacy scheduler’, meaning users who were creating and managing schedules via the ‘Advanced Scheduler’ could not report on them using Backup Navigator. Now all backups will be analysed and reported on via Backup Navigator 9.60 with the new consolidated scheduler.



 For more information about Backup Navigator, Data Protector and the Adaptive Backup and Recovery suite, go to


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I have Started working on Backup Navigator, The problem which I have faced yet is about the fetching Custom report and Protection Report.

We have to generate two separate reports for FS, & VEAgent Clients, and regarding the protection, there are available details for only those data which have been copied to tape only not on dedupe.


Please correct me If I am wrong.