HPE Software is now Micro Focus
HPE Software is now Micro Focus
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What’s the big deal about containerized architecture?

What’s the big deal about containerized architecture?

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 Hopefully by now, you’ve seen our big announcement about the new Containerized Deployment Foundation we introduced in May and have begun to implement in our IT Operations Management Suites – Data Center Automation, Hybrid Cloud Management, IT Service Management Automation, and Operations Bridge.  We’re so excited to be taking software deployment to a whole new level, and with it bringing our customers a wealth of benefits including:

  • Reduced installation times
  • Zero-downtime rolling upgrades
  • Scalability on demand.

We are confident this will revolutionize the IT Ops Software industry and couldn’t be more excited to continually advance and evolve this technology in our suites.

Container technology hit the software scene several years back, and like most Open Source technologies, has exploded.  Containers offer a wealth of capabilities and advantages.  Our friends over at Tech Beacon have created a dedicated channel to containerized architecture in their new Tech Beacon Learn site, to keep our customers up-to-date on how this technology works and how it can help you lower costs and increase speed. 


A couple of the featured units on Tech Beacon Learn include:

Containerized TBL.PNGWhat are containers? How do they work?

How are containers different from virtual machines?

What are microservices?

The basics of container management?

How do containers scale?


Hewlett Packard Enterprise is embracing the Container Deployment Foundation to help users manage, monitor and model services. These container lifecycle management capabilities include:

  • Hybrid Cloud Management – Design, automate, deliver and manage IT services across multi-vendor traditional IT, private, public and managed cloud environments without vendor lock-in. Hybrid Cloud Management now enables the service design and deployment of new container-based applications, including ready-to-consume development testing environments to integrated into DevOps processes.
  • Data Center Automation – Complete lifecycle management for bare-metal, operating systems and virtual machines including hardware, and host operating system provisioning with compliance, now supports containers.
  • Operations Bridge – Automated monitoring, analysis, and remediation through a single pane of glass, with powerful Big Data and predictive analytics, and a revolutionary Business Value Dashboard, now improves speed and responsiveness of operations teams by enabling the monitoring and troubleshooting of container infrastructure and applications.
  • IT Service Management Automation – An analytics-driven, highly automated service desk that supports ITIL process orchestration and asset management.  Now provides analytics-driven service management, automated discovery and configuration management to support container-based applications.


As always, keep checking back on our blog channels for the latest and greatest on our containerized deployment foundation and all IT Operations Management Suites.

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Megan Glick is a Product Marketing Manager of the Data Center Automation team.

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Will there be best practices available from HPE/nMF on the zero downtime rolling upgrades? Really interested in this, given the need for persistent storage for some components of the DCA CDF.