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HPE Software is now Micro Focus
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HPE IT Service Management Automation Suite 2017.07: New portal, AWS and more

HPE IT Service Management Automation Suite 2017.07: New portal, AWS and more


HPE ITSMA 2017-07 (1).jpgITSM Automation Suite provides software and licenses for a complete ITSM solution. The suite capabilities range from an intelligent, analytics driven service desk powered by HPE’s industry-leading IDOL platform to Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM). Based on machine learning, it provides improved end user self-sufficiency, fast issue resolution, and lower ticket volumes, reducing the cost to run IT.

HPE ITSM Automation Suite is built on HPE’s ITOM Container Deployment Foundation (CDF). CDF is an automated, enterprise-ready container orchestration platform for providing flexible deployment options and a standardized installation experience. This reduces deployment times, improves time-to-value and decreases maintenance and upgrade efforts.

HPE ITSM Automation 2017.07 release highlights

The new Service Portal provides a superior user self-service experience and enables lower ticket volumes. It includes a shopping cart, notification functionality, virtual agent chat, and HPE IDOL-based search. The portal can also be easily personalized to apply any corporate identity branding.

An easy-to-use native mobile application makes requests and approvals only a thumb click away. Users can view and track open requests, browse the catalog, search for offerings and articles, view mobile-optimized knowledge articles, and request catalog items.ITSMA 2017-07 (2).png

Support for container deployment in AWS enables portability and flexibility. It gives customers the flexibility to run ITSM Automation on-premises in public or private cloud while keeping data sovereignty. This provides complete visibility into hosting costs and security.

With mixed mode container deployment customers get the option to gradually adopt ITSM Automation in containers at their own pace. Next generation ITSM Automation components and capabilities can be adopted step-by-step as needed, for example the new Service Portal or IDOL, which also run with a classic (i.e. non-containerized) Service Manager installation.

Smart Software Analytics (SSA): The industry-leading IDOL platform for unstructured data search has been also added to Universal Discovery now to add a level of machine learning to software license discovery. This addition provides vastly improved software application index (SAI) maturity within an organization through automated software recognition and teaching.

This latest ITSM Automation release is built on the basis of HPE Service Manager 9.52, HPE CMS 10.33, HPE Asset Manager 9.63, and HPE Operations Orchestration 10.71.

Want to benefit from the complete ITSM Automation Suite today?

In order to gain all capabilities and benefits of this release—including containerization—you can upgrade Service Manager to ITSM Automation Suite Express Edition. The ITSM Automation Customer Appreciation Program (CAP) enables you to upgrade to the Suite and simplifies licensing and ongoing contract administration. For details contact your local HPE or Partner representative.

More information

For more information about HPE ITSM Automation visit the HPE ITSM website. Existing customers can download the software from the HPE Software Entitlements Portal.


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Which are the AWS requirements to access the mgnt portal and the portal of the suite?

Any ports/services need to be opened in order to work?


Thanks for sharing. Great news!

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Thank you for all the comments! Regarding more information on requirements ...

AWS deployment: https://docs.software.hpe.com/wiki/display/ITSMA201707/Install+the+suite+on+AWS

Port related information:https://docs.software.hpe.com/wiki/display/ITSMA201707/ITSMA+node+ports