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Release Management Governance of non-account owned Service Releases

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Release Management Governance of non-account owned Service Releases

I've been tasked with devising a process for Release Management Governance of non-account owned Service Releases. The problem is identifying were value can be added and trying to onboard the development workstreams to the process which will provide an additional layer of governance to releases that will be deployed by another HPE team rather than account based engineers. The account receives bespoke software from a workstream which uses its own processes, tools and governance which has been developed to specification and is then released to another HPE department for release to the customer. The account needs to perform governance to ensure that account standards have been met and the service package delivers to specification, before allowing the service to be released. The problem is the development workstream does not see the value in doing this and have their own standards, how can I convince them of the need for account based governance which will not slow the release process down but enable it to be more effective and efficient with a reduced number of failures.

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Re: Release Management Governance of non-account owned Service Releases

Congrats on your assignment to devise better Release Mgmt Governance! And kudos for finding and applying IT4IT value chain thinking here.  To help you better and allow other customers to weigh in, we might need more specifics:
1) Are you asking for help on the governance aspect where you need "value of IT4IT" statements perhaps with some specific examples?
2) Or are you presently trying to highlight broken parts of your Release Mgmt process within the larger IT value chain to that internal team that you are trying to convince (i.e., your "development workstream") about the value of IT4IT, such as for example, that your service traceability is broken between requirements and the release package and IT4IT will close that gap?
3) Or something else completely?

Let us know how we can help!