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Why Many IT Organizations Begin Their IT4IT Journey to Value with D2C

Jody Roberts Absent Member.
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Why Many IT Organizations Begin Their IT4IT Journey to Value with D2C

Remember the old joke about a man who was walking at night along and finds another man under a street light searching diligently, saying he's lost his contact lens down the street?  The first man asks why he's looking here, and the second replies "because the light is better here". This is so old it's not funny anymore, but as IT shops, we sure do a lot of looking where the light is instead of where we lost our lens.

Does IT4IT purport to help IT find its lens? Yes.

The IT4IT Value Chain proceeds in an orderly fashion from left to right, from S2P to R2D to R2F to D2C. Right? Yes and no.

Yes, S2P is first in terms of understanding the entire value chain, and as representing the top decision-making of the business. It's where we deal with the big questions. But in reality - operationally- no, most people start with D2C.  It where the most visible and costly problems are. It's one thing to be behind on a development schedule, and quite another to have one's customer portal service unavailable.

D2C is also where "low-hanging fruit" is to be found in terms of driving efficiency and cost savings.  Because of the time-bound criticality of Production Operations, D2C's essence, many organizations err on the side of caution vs. efficiency when it comes to availability.  CPU goes unused, software capabilities are not used to generate value, disk space is overallocated, people are underutilized.  Entire platforms are purchased for a single capability.

Silos exist for a reason - to preserve service availability in times of rapid growth.  But when things settle down and organizations mature, silos hold their own IT shops back by preventing prudent progress.  This goes on for a while, and someone begins to notice things like, how many monitoring tools we have, or that we're using email for an unknown volume of event correlation, or that scripts as an automation solution are creaking under their own weight.  Whatever the reason, the reasons are usually more visible in D2C.

D2C shows you how to fulfill the big use cases like CLIP, CCRM, and SACM - a long-sought-after prize for modern ITSM, so this is also why many shops start with D2C - the KPIs are better here.  Unlike the man in the joke, you really can find your lens in the D2C light.

For more information, visit HPE's IT4IT page here

or The Open Group's IT4IT page here

Comments and thoughts are welcome, thanks for reading!

J Flanders New or Quiet Member..
New or Quiet Member..

Re: Why Many IT Organizations Begin Their IT4IT Journey to Value with D2C

My first exposure to IT4IT was at Discover 2016. I am intrigued and intend to learn more. I need to be more involved with forums, but find myself distracted and my time limited when I start looking. The ITOM Insiders pointed me to this forum and I intend to learn more about IT4IT from this forum and the ITOM Insiders challenges. I read this post because it had “begin their IT4IT journey” in the title. Reading this forum was a little overwhelming with the acronyms. Maybe someday I’ll come back to this after I have learned what S2P, R2D and D2C are.

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