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Compliance Archiving, Supervision and Analytics: Meet the new Digital Safe

Compliance Archiving, Supervision and Analytics: Meet the new Digital Safe

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As organizations face a rising tide of data, regulation and business challenges, one of the most useful sources of value is unstructured data. Traditionally, unstructured data has been the most difficult to work with, until now; meet the new Micro Focus Digital Safe. 

The Micro Focus Digital Safe is an integrated set of technologies that allow organisations to:

  • Capture eCommunications data (Email, Social Media, WhatsApp, Voice, Files, etc.)
  • Provide real time governance, for social media; control and act on social media (capture WhatsApp messages identify and remove unwanted content)
  • Secure your digital presence
  • Govern and archive eCommunications and structured data together
  • Manage eSurveillance and eSupervision workflows
  • Support legal search and case preparation
  • Analytically enhance data to provided behavioural and contextual enrichment
  • Apply big data analytics and machine learning to your eCommunications
  • Consume the data anytime and anywhere it is needed via the enterprise API

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With almost two decades of market leadership, Micro Focus Information Management & Governance is the clear choice for any organisation wishing to get in control of their data and their digital footprint. 

Digital Safe offers customers a secure, scalable and open place to store their data, which can be deployed on-cloud or on-prem. The main components of the digital safe are:

  • Social Media Governance: Capture and control your social media presence. Defend and secure your presence in the social media realm.
  • Search & Export: Use a modern UI to search, capture, organize and export your data in a controlled environment.
  • Supervision: Capture and manage eCommunications to make sure you remain compliant.
  • End-user search: Allow your end users to access their personal archives on any smart device or on their desktop.
  • Analytics: Uncover the power and value contained in the eCommunications repository.  Use behavioural analytics to enrich the communications set and then use risk-based scenarios and machine learning to extract that value and improve efficiency. 

Digital Safe brings all of your data into a single, secure location where its use can be controlled right across the enterprise. All of this is supported by an unmatched Global Managed Service and is secured by Micro Focus’ Digital Safe Security Framework. With Digital Safe, the enterprise can capture, control and extract value from its eCommunications investment. If you are ready to take control of multiple forms of structured and unstructured data, including all key forms of electronic communication, contact sales today.

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