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Just say “No” to ransom demands with end-to-end data protection

Just say “No” to ransom demands with end-to-end data protection

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For some of us, typewriters are a thing of the past.  And, for others, typewriters are a brand new concept.  Regardless of which camp you fall into it, typewriters re-appearing in the office just seems way too far-fetched given how far we have come in technology.  Well, it happened in Alaska last month.  According to BBC News, “Government workers in a borough of Alaska have turned to typewriters to do their jobs, after ransomware infected their computer systems.”

Just say No to ransom demands with end-to-end data protection.pngRansomware is a lucrative business. According to a recent ZDNet report, “The cyber gang behind the SamSam ransomware have netted almost $6m since they started distributing the file-locking malware in late 2015 -- and their profits are still on the rise, netting around an additional $300,000 each month.”  With no signs of this epidemic waning, organizations everywhere must protect their data to mitigate this very real and continuing threat of financial loss and business disruptions. 

IDC has just published a new whitepaper which assesses the current ransomware threat, examines attackers’ strategies, share effective ransomware defenses, and discuss key technology enablers to address protection and recovery of data from servers to end-user devices.  Access the IDC White Paper: “Ransomware Defenses Require Backup and a Comprehensive Security Strategy,” and learn how you too can just say “No” to ransom demands.

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