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Living in: Katowice, Poland

I'm 30yrs (88) Brazilian living Poland since May/2016. I speak Portuguese (Native) and English and I can establish some communication with Italian and Spanish due to the proximity with Portuguese. As hobbies, I have our community, triathlon and beer (reverse order)

I started my career as a Natural/Adabas mainframe developer back in 2006.

Between 2007 and 2011 I was working for CEMIG as Programmer and my journey started when they bought part of former HP BTO Suite: Service Center, Connect-IT, and DDMi (R.I.P). The project was implemented by the Brazilian company ITM (R.I.P) and during the project they prepared me to support the suit afterward.

Between 2011 (just after got my Bachelor) and 2016, I worked as a consultant. Mainly working as Contractor for one of biggest partners of HP in Brazil (I'm not aware of the current situation with MF), IT2B. I work with them in several projects and initiatives most of the time as Solution Architect, ITSM technical consultant/team leader with HP (now MF) products but also as a general developer, dba, and everything else IT related :)... Between one project and another I also work for other companies as PL/SQL Developer, Change Analyst and Support Analyst.

Since 2016 I'm working for IBM in Katowice Poland where I work mainly as a developer and administrator for SM but also do some things in UCMDB and client's in-house tools - developed mainly in Java.

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