Lothar Haeger

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Online handle: "lhaeger"

Home town: München, Bavaria, Germany

Lothar works at IS4IT, a consulting firm in the Munich region. His focus is on Identity Management, but likes to think he can pretty much do anything else, if needed. Including to fly. Flying is not just for the birds!

Lothar started "working" with computers in the mid-80s when his high school bought the first couple of Basis 108 machines (64K RAM + two CPUs!) and to everyone's surprise granted students unsupervised access to them in their spare time. Somehow, it took another 15 years until he finally found someone willing to pay him to help cleaning up after the Millenium Bug (which luckily did not exist, after all). Since then Lothar has worked primarily in the Client and Identity Management areas, building solutions based on Novell/NetIQ software starting out with ZFD 3.2 and IDM 2.0.

In real life, Lothar likes flying paragliders and cooking a lot.

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