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Does LR 11.5 support Siebel Open UI ?

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Does LR 11.5 support Siebel Open UI ?


We are currently having LR 9.51 and using the Siebel Web protocol to test the Siebel application which in version.


Now we are planning to upgrade our Siebel application to OpenUI format which version.


I just want to know whether LR 11.5 supports Siebel OpenUI( version) .



Your help is highly appreciated.





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Re: Does LR 11.5 support Siebel Open UI ?

Siebel 8.1 is compatible with LR11.52.

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Re: Does LR 11.5 support Siebel Open UI ?

Below is from the Oracle documention on new Siebel Open UI format:



Siebel CRM version and introduced a new user interface option, Siebel Open UI.

The Siebel Open UI client is an alternative to the high interactivity client (for employee applications) or the standard interactivity client (for customer applications). Siebel Open UI provides a rich user interface experience, like high interactivity, yet presents many advantages over high interactivity and standard interactivity. Recent browser versions are strongly recommended, for optimal functionality.



I want to know whether this new Open UI format is supported by LR 11.5 Siebel-Web protocol  ?





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Re: Does LR 11.5 support Siebel Open UI ?

I would ask same question.

I'm build scripts with LR 11.52 Siebel-Web protocol and facingsome problems that was not present in previous "UI" version.