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LoadRunner 11.52 Tutorial

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LoadRunner 11.52 Tutorial

Can the LoadRunner 11.52 Tutorial be used for recording other Web applications or is it specifically designed for the Web Tours tutorial application that it references?


Below are some minor areas I found while running the tutorial:

Page 11 - "Where ..." change "has" to "have",

Page 36 - 4) In step navigator: My script shows Submit_Form: not, Submit_Data:

Page 45 - 6) Save is not available

Page 49 - In Scenario pane, Groups is not shown, only Scripts

Page 55 - I tried to replace the name basic_script with travel_agent group but could not

Page 59  - Windows 7 is not a selectable option, so I used Vista




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Re: LoadRunner 11.52 Tutorial


The process is almos the same for any protocol and any application, oviously the code will need different kinds of customization and all on it will be different, so you cant expect to see exactly the same syntaxis or the same functions, this is specific for webtours.

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