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Loadrunner 11.5 Error -27279

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Loadrunner 11.5 Error -27279

ray500 wrote:

What is the turnaround time for a reply in the Customer forum?  I put a post for help on Monday and never got a reply at all, not even a "try this..." reply.

Hi All,


I got this issue in Hp Loadrunner 11.5 evaluation version. I'm able to record and run the scripts, After Replay there was


Error -27279: Internal Error - Report initialization failed, error code=-2147467259 (0x80004005)   [MsgId: MERR-27279]


and reply successfully. But if I click on test results I'm getting an empty test results page. I even tried to restart my machine and recorded and executed. It end up with the same error again.


Can anyone help me on fixing this issue


As it is 11.5 we even not get the runtime viewer as default.



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Re: New Forum: LoadRunner Support Customer Forum !



I would be better for you to put your question in a new post as it will be more visible to members in this forum. This is a public forum so accessible to everyone.


If you have added a valid  support contract (SAID) in your HP Passport profile, then you can access the LoadRunner Support Customer Forum . This is an entitled forum only accessible to customers/partners with a valid support contract and certain HP employees.


For more information regarding our support customer forums and how to add your support contract ID to your HP Passport id see this post:Support Customer Forums now available.






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Re: Loadrunner 11.5 Error -27279



I think that is the error which we also got when installed 11.5.


That time we did not have much time to investigate on the problem.

so, we installed the patch for 11.52 (LR_03142).


In 11.5 we do not have run time viewer also.

 Better u can instal the patch.


Hope this helps.




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Re: Loadrunner 11.5 Error -27279



Also check that your script will work fine even if you get this error.