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Loadrunner 12 with 2008 citrix servers on xenapp 6.5 Failed to initialise in scenario

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Loadrunner 12 with 2008 citrix servers on xenapp 6.5 Failed to initialise in scenario

We have upgraded our environment to Citrix Server 2008 with XenApp6.5 (From Citrix server 2003 with XenApp4.5)

The scenario which ran fine formerly now fails. The scripts statrt to initialise then error with 'failed to initialse. The generators which run the scripts are all ready and active.

However... If I remote to all the generators and then restart the scenario then the scripts progress correctly yo the Run stage - Please see attachment.

If I close the remote seesions to the generators then the scripts fail again.


Any thoughts???

(Note - this is only in the new 2008 environment - same scenario is fine in 2003.

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Re: Loadrunner 12 with 2008 citrix servers on xenapp 6.5 Failed to initialise in scenario


We need more information about how the Load Generators are running when work.

When you access the LG remotely the LG is launching as a process?

Run the LG as a process use the account privilege that you use when login (default LoadRunning installation). If possible that LG needs your account privilege to access the Citrix server.

Please try to configure the LoadRunner Agent Runtime Setting to launch the LG as a service with your account privilege.


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Re: Loadrunner 12 with 2008 citrix servers on xenapp 6.5 Failed to initialise in scenario

Loadrunner Generators are all logged in using my account which has the correct privileges. These generators connect to the 2003 citrix servers without a problem - when I do this I remote to all the generators from the Controller to ensure they are up and running, I then 'ready' these generators in the scenario. I then disconnect my remote session to these generators and run the scenario - no issues.

The problem is when I do the same with the 2008 citrix servers  - I run the same scenario so I remote to all the generators from the controller - I ready the generators in the scenario and then disconnect the remote sessions - when I run the scenario in this instance the scripts fail to initialise. If I repeat but don't disconnect the remote session the scenario runs ok.

This is the problem - The agent runs as a process - this has always worked fine when using the 2003 citrix servers. The recommendation has always been to run as a process, not as a service. I have never had to run the citrix server agent on the citrix servers - I shouldn't need to  now.

So if we focus on the issue - the same generators, application servers and database servers are used in both instances - If used with 2003 citrix servers then scenario and scripts initialise without a problem, If I use the 2008 citrix servers then within the scenario, the scripts fail to initialise unless I have remoted to the servers and not disconnected my remote sessions. The scripts run fine individually on the 2008 servers on VUGEN


I change the instance of using 2003 or 2008 citrix servers via the ica files used in the scripts.


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Re: Loadrunner 12 with 2008 citrix servers on xenapp 6.5 Failed to initialise in scenario


And here’s the reason and the solution to the problem!


All to do with ‘Font smooting’….

I have been remoting to the Controller and the generators with this option unset.


Win2008 terminal servers are set by default to have font smoothing enabled.


So.. I have to remote to the Controller with font smoothing enabled:-


Please see the attachment


I have finally resolved the cause of this issue!!!!

Having gone through the process of detailing the problem below with the various tests, I have been able to conclude that the issue is a bitmap sync problem whereby the synchronisations appear differently if the Generator window is open or when it is closed. Since the bitmap synchronisations are recorded in VUGen  the accepted syncs will only appear correct if the Load generator window is open. If it is closed, the terminal servers display with a slightly different font!!!! Thus the scripts have been failing at the initialisation stage when the successful logging in offers the main application window and checks this with a bitmap sync. – Allowing for either of the bitmaps to be accepted allows the script to continue whether the generator window is open or closed – however every bitmap sync thereafter will fail.

The in 2003 terminal servers do not have this issue!!


So the problem appears to be with the 2008 terminal servers offering different display options  - I will chase this up with our citrix experts but if you have any thoughts on this it would be much appreciated!!