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VuGen on SAP Logon Pad

Mat Villanueva
New Member.

VuGen on SAP Logon Pad


Currently i'm recording a script using SAP Logon Pad, but i hit the start recording button i'm getting "cannot start recording"

Does anyone know why i'm getting this error?

and also does anyone has a best practice for recording SAP systems - client or portal.

Would appreciate your immediate response

Mat Villanueva



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Prashanth T
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: VuGen on SAP Logon Pad

SAP systems will require you to enable scripting both at the client and the server side. There is a setting to enable scripting. This setting is present both on your SAP server as well as your SAP client. You will have to enable this setting at both the ends and then you will be able to script it using Vugen.

Prashanth Thimmavajjala
Regular Contributor.

Re: VuGen on SAP Logon Pad

hi mat villanueva,

can you give me your presetup before you started you script execution with LR/SAP.
can u give me the steps. i am familiar with LR but new to SAP.
Thanks in advance
Anil Kumar Kota
Super Contributor.

Re: VuGen on SAP Logon Pad

Hi I am also facing the same error, I enabled the scripting on both and client and server side and my colleagues able to record but for me getting the error as "Cannot start Recording", can any one help how to solve this issue?

New Member.

Re: VuGen on SAP Logon Pad



Was anyone able to resolve this issue? I am having the same problem and would like to know what solution worked for someone else.


Thank you