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VTS number of rows supported

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VTS number of rows supported

Hi Team,

I wanted to use loadrunner VTS for one of application testing. I have run through few of VTS documnets which talk about the limitatioin on number of record in VTS table ( around 33 K) in earlier version 11.52 but havnt found any figure for curret version.


With loadrunner 12.57 version, what is the number of rows VTS support & does we need to install it on all agent machines if multiple LG agents are being used ??

Also, if i want to use redis database for test data storage with loadrunner, is there plugin availble or way to create the same. so can be used  in the execution.


Appreciate any help.

Shlomi Nissim Acclaimed Contributor.
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: VTS number of rows supported


  • The limit per table in 12.57 is around 4,294,967,296.  You can have dozens of tables in this size. In addition, you can always use a few instances of VTS.
  • There is no need to install an agent on Load Generator machines. The relevant libraries are distributed as part of the Load Generators, you just need to use the relevant APIs
  • There is no plugin to use redis database. If you manage to make it work let us know.