HPE Software is now Micro Focus
HPE Software is now Micro Focus
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HPE Jenkins plugin is released - bringing features faster!

HPE Jenkins plugin is released - bringing features faster!

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We’ve recently released version 5.1 of the HPE Automation Tools Plugin for Jenkins. This plugin enables you to create and use virtual services, trigger the execution of performance and functional tests as part of your Jenkins continuous integration. It can also deliver jobs and integrate your release pipeline on Jenkins with HPE Application Lifecycle Management products, such as the cutting-edge ALM Octane.

Now we are pleased to announce the first “latest” ( version release of the plugin: we are now able to publish on-demand beta releases in addition to formal LTS releases using a continuous delivery pipeline. These versions are fast release versions that include the most recent features & issue fixes. What does it mean? This means that customers will be able to get those version easily using either the Jenkins experimental update center or the new HPE Jenkins update center, without the need to wait months for LTS version.

Products it works with and improvements:


More on the added features can be seen here.

How to get the plugin:

  1. From our new HPE Jenkins update center, which enables our customers to receive those continuous updates without affecting any other plugins.
  2. Manually from here
  3. Last but not the least, you can change your Jenkins update center to the experimental update center and receive the beta version of the plugin and other Jenkins plugins.


The release process is so fast that we’ve already released BETA! You can see more details about BETA here.


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we have just installed the last one ( to automate tests with Performance Center.

We can see the new checkbox "use https" (nice ! because our instance is on HPE SaaS so https was mandatory)

But the problem is that the PC part of the plugin dosen't seems to handle a proxy (a corporate proxy is mandatory here).

We can see on github that the octane part seems to handle a proxy, but not the PC part.

The PC part:

The Octane part :

Could you update the plugin to handle a proxy to access a PC Server ?

Thank you,