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Hottest release in the dog days of summer: LoadRunner & Performance Center 12.60

Hottest release in the dog days of summer: LoadRunner & Performance Center 12.60

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We are pleased to announce the availability of Micro Focus LoadRunner and Performance Center version 12.60. With this release we are introducing, yet again, a wealth of new features and enhanced functionalities, aiming to empower your DevOps journey and to streamline your automation efforts. We are adding support for new protocols and platforms, enriching the Analysis, rejuvenating the UI, and offering a novel scripting solution for web protocol testing- TruWeb. Talk about ending the hot summer days with a bang! So, without further ado, lets dive in...


LoadRunner’s Command Line Interface tool now allows you to automate scenario runs by invoking an XML input file or a LoadRunner scenario (.lrs) file. The XML input can be constructed prior to running scenarios, allowing for fully DevOps-oriented flows so you can pull scripts from any source control, dynamically allocate Dockerized load generators, or run scenarios from any CI tool. 

In Performance Center, we are updating the REST API, namely:

  • Create goal-oriented schedule: Decide which goal you want the test to reach, and Performance Center will automatically build a schedule for you based on these goals.
  • User authentication: get a list of domains or projects for the authenticated user



Since version 12.55 it is possible to convert TruClient actions to code, so you can edit and customize functions in the script. With version 12.60 you can benefit from expanded debugging functionality using an Inspector Panel, which allows for a detailed review of variable values in the code. If you are beginner TruClient or simply want to use the tool to its maximum potential, we are providing an Interactive Guide, which includes onboarding, product tours, guidance and more, all within the TruClient application.

In VuGen, we are introducing the following protocol enhancements:


-       A runtime setting to enable/disable HTTP/2 features.

-       An argument for web_set_certificate_ex that looks up a certificate in the Windows Certificate Store, using a more reliable thumbprint instead of the index

Oracle NCA

New runtime setting that enables connecting to one or multiple IP addresses


Enhanced desktop pool support with the ability to sync on bitmap timeout per step.


In Performance Center, you can select transactions for SLA calculations on tests utilizing JMeter scripts, as well as upload runtime setting files, or all files, from VuGen to Performance Center.

And saving the best for last- we are excited to introduce TruWeb (in technical preview), a new scripting solution for web protocol testing. TruWeb uses a brand new JavaScript SDK and engine that focuses on the HTTP (transport) level and can be used on any platform and across any IDE. Developers can use the standalone version of TruWeb to script and execute load test in their IDE and as part of their Continuous Testing practice, yet later use the script in any of the Micro Focus Performance Testing tools to scale their tests as needed. Performance Engineers on the other hand can use TruWeb protocol in VUGen to capture the latest web technology protocols. TruWeb can be downloaded for free from the ADM Marketplace.


Great news: Network Virtualization is now free! It is included with your LoadRunner and Performance Center licenses, so Network Emulation and NV Insights do not require any additional license purchase. Simply factor in network condition into your performance tests and see how they are affecting the performance of your applications. However, to take advantage of Network Virtualization and all the latest features, you need to upgrade to version 12.60.

Analysis.jpgIn LoadRunner 12.60 you can now save a graph as an image file directly from the graph's right-click menu. In addition, you can use the new LoadRunner Raw Results Exporter tool to export scenario results to JSON or to InfluxDB.
InfluxDB is an open-source time series database, which is ideal for storing data. We are integrating InfluxDB with Performance Center as well, so you can have online summary data in one centralized location, with an easy access to live and post-run data. This will also enable you to mash up Performance Center data with data from other vendors using third-party dashboard tools.

PC UI Modernization and new capabilities

PC_Unlock Test.pngIn ongoing efforts to improve user experience, we are modernizing Performance Center’s user interface one release at the time. Aside from the new look and feel, we moved additional tasks such as cloud management, maintenance tasks, and diagnostics from ALM Lab Admin to Performance Center Administration. In addition, you can now create up to 30 recurrent timeslots, while the Entity Unlocker will unlock tests, scripts, timeslots, monitor profiles, and analysis templates for editing when they are locked in another session. 


PC_Goal oriented scenarios.png


With the Goal Oriented Scheduler you can define the goals of your tests and Performance Center will automatically build schedule for you based on those goals. Lastly, set email alerts on tests, timeslots, and hosts per project, in addition to releasing idle timeslot automatically.


 Dockerized Load Generators

In LoadRunner and Performance Center 12.55, we introduced the ability to run multiple Docker containers on the same machine. With version 12.60 the Dockerized load generator image (for Web (HTTP/HTML) and Java protocols) is available for Windows platforms (tech preview) in addition to Linux.

In Performance Center 12.56, we added the elastic provisioning and de-provisioning of Docker containers based on integration with Kubernetes, so you can automate the testing process and seamlessly add/drop LGs to/from performance tests. We are now adding support for Docker Swarm (tech preview), another popular clustering and scheduling tool for Docker containers, to help you orchestrate your LGs as needed.

Finally, a note to our Community Users: Please obtain your new LoadRunner Community license from AutoPASS.

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