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(MC) Support Tip: App crash issue on VNC window

Micro Focus Frequent Contributor
Micro Focus Frequent Contributor

(MC) Support Tip: App crash issue on VNC window

Dear customer

   As technology improved, Apple Inc. may import new framework to support application. However, from MC production side, it may be impossible yet to cover all frameworks in time. released. So  R&D has to add new framework in whilte list as soon as we found a new one and provide resolution accordingly.

    Below resolution is regardingn to a new framework from apple Inc. named as "cryptotokenkit" which will result in app crash issue in VNC window. If you are checking in device.log and notiice that the app bundleId is instead of com.companyname.appxxx and you may face issue that there is not any response for VNC window during record and replay, you may try the fix below.


The final fix will be contained in new release of MC2.6 which will be released around end of Feb.

Attached hotfix for MC2.50


You can also check this out from our knowledge base: KM03079640


Hope you find it helpful

MF Support