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Mobile Center Administrator - Best Practices guide

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Micro Focus Expert

Mobile Center Administrator - Best Practices guide


Following several requests, we combined the best practices about installation, configuration and maintenance of Mobile Center for Administriator.

Please download the attached PDF.

Your comments are always appreciated!

Evgeny Karasik

MC Product Manager

RichardMJBishop Regular Contributor.
Regular Contributor.

Re: Mobile Center Administrator - Best Practices guide

Hi Evgeny,

This is an excellent guide, I'm going to follow the advice for an implementation that I'm working on at the moment.

Some colleagues have advised me that they've had problems with Wifi not working well when mobile devices are mounted in metal racks. Are you or any of your colleagues able to recommend any racks that include plastic sides which are likely to be more transparent to a Wifi signal. We're concerned that for our larger implementations in data centres, metal racks will act as a "Faraday cage" and cause problems with the Wifi signals.


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