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HPNAv10 advScript word-wrapping long output lines

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HPNAv10 advScript word-wrapping long output lines

I have a script that is sending a large list of custom output from a switch, on every port of the switch.

Output is so long in some cases, HPNA is word-wraping the output which HPNA perl external API is seeing as multiple-lines per "output line", which is causing issue with our perl execution script.


Here's the output from HPNA:

Description=Available|Port=Eth1/1|Status=disabled|VLan=1|IPAddr=unassigned|Module=48x1/10G-T 6x40G Ethernet Module|Duplex=auto|Speed=auto|Type=10g
Description=PAT_testing_via_iggy|Port=Eth1/2|Status=disabled|VLan=routed|IPAddr=2001::1|Module=48x1/10G-T 6x40G Ethernet Module|Duplex=auto|Speed=auto|Type=10g


Clearly showing the Module=... is split into two lines due to "advanced script output widith" of some sort?

Is there a default of width characters/size?  How can I increase this? thanks! 

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Re: HPNAv10 advScript word-wrapping long output lines

If you search in this forum, someone already provided a similar answer to your problem using "print join" in Perl to accomplish the job.

For example:

@config = $con->cmd("show run | include ....";

print join ("\n", @config);

If this does not help, please post your script.