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Network automation user permission question

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Network automation user permission question

Hello ,

we use hp na 10.20


we want to see full device configuration(password,snmp string) without "Modify Device Permission" 

is that possible. I found this note on manual.



View Full Device
View device configurations including sensitive information (for example,
passwords and community strings).
Note: The user must also have the Modify Device Permission for the device

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Re: Network automation user permission question

Please try the following steps:

1. Create a User Role, View-Full-Config

    Select Command Permission, as default all options are disabled, just enable "View Device Configuration"

2. Create a User Group, View-Full-Config

    Select Command Permission:  Existing Command Permission --> Select "View-Full-Config"

     You still need to enable "Modify Device Permission", Check on All Devices.

3. Assign the user to this User Group.

Note: Modify Device Permission has to be checked but look at the Command Scripts permissions, the only thing this user can do is to view the config (including password and snmp strings)., can't take snapshot or run command scripts or enything else.

Test out if that works for you.

Hope this helps,