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[SOAP::LITE]] Perl API demo script failed

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[SOAP::LITE]] Perl API demo script failed


When I try the demo scripts..... I got this error

Can't locate object method "new" via package "SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Client::SUPER" at /usr/local/share/perl5/SOAP/Transport/ line 59.

HPNA 10.20  | Opsware-0.6.8


[SOAP]# perl Makefile.PL

We are about to install SOAP::Lite and for your convenience will provide
you with list of modules and prerequisites, so you'll be able to choose
only modules you need for your configuration.

XMLRPC::Lite, UDDI::Lite, and XML::Parser::Lite are included by default.
Installed transports can be used for both SOAP::Lite and XMLRPC::Lite.

Client HTTP support (SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Client) [yes]
Client HTTPS support (SOAP::Transport::HTTPS::Client, require OpenSSL) [no]
Client SMTP/sendmail support (SOAP::Transport::MAILTO::Client) [yes]
Client FTP support (SOAP::Transport::FTP::Client) [yes]
Standalone HTTP server (SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Daemon) [yes]
Apache/mod_perl server (SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Apache, require Apache) [no]
FastCGI server (SOAP::Transport::HTTP::FCGI, require FastCGI) [no]
POP3 server (SOAP::Transport::POP3::Server) [yes]
IO server (SOAP::Transport::IO::Server) [yes]
MQ transport support (SOAP::Transport::MQ) [no]
JABBER transport support (SOAP::Transport::JABBER) [no]
MIME messages [required for POP3, optional for HTTP] (SOAP::MIMEParser) [no]
SSL support for TCP transport (SOAP::Transport::TCP) [no]
Compression support for HTTP transport (SOAP::Transport::HTTP) [no]

Do you want to proceed with this configuration? [yes]




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Re: [SOAP::LITE]] Perl API demo script failed

You need the perl module: SOAP::Transport::HTTP installed in your system.

 • Compression support for HTTP transport (SOAP::Transport::HTTP)

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Re: [SOAP::LITE]] Perl API demo script failed

and probably some other dependencies too.

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Re: [SOAP::LITE]] Perl API demo script failed

Yes, re-run the SOAP::Lite Makefile.PL,  check 'yes' on HTTP::Compress support. Installed the IO::Compress / Compress::ZLIB.... still getting same issue with Opsware::NAS::Client -user admin -pass admin -host 127.0..0.1:8023


For the second example with Opsware::NAS:CONNECT, I'm getting this error: --user=admin --pass=admin --host='' --devicce='192.168.1111.111'

Use of unitialized value $devuser in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/local/share/perl5//opsware/NAS/ line 675

Page 23

These examples show how to use the Perl API. Keep in mind that it is possible to run the examples without installing the Perl modules by remaining in the demo directory and supplying the relative (or full) path to each example, as in

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Re: [SOAP::LITE]] Perl API demo script failed

have you tried to debug the perl script and check the dependencies?, this really sounds like a dependency issue or maybe your version of perl is not supported?


$ perl -v

Debug line example:


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Re: [SOAP::LITE]] Perl API demo script failed

Yes you are absolutly right!   I have to do this ....  


perl -I/usr/local/share/perl5/ ./ 


even though I have 'export PERL5LIB=$PERL5LIB:/usr/local/share/perl5'  in profile... 


 Maybe somewhere in override the modules path,