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Specified a https macafee port 4712

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Specified a https macafee port 4712

Hi everybody, 

I have an issue this morning. I want to make an access on macfaee device by HP NA on the specified port.  McAfee Web Gateway uses theses 2 port for https and https

4711 TCP   McAfee Web Gateway 7 - Default GUI Port HTTP

4712 TCP   McAfee Web Gateway 7 - Default GUI Port HTTPS 

How can I sepcify on HP Network automation to connect to device on 4712 ports ? 

is ti possible ?  I searched for a long time but I have never seen how  to set a configuration like that on HPNA.  

Thanks in advance. 

Best Regards, 


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Re: Specified a https macafee port 4712

Hi @geraudk,

you can test with this on the Device Password Rule of the device

Name http_port

value 4711 

for https would be the same just like this:

Name https_port

value 4712 

Pedro A. Batista
Customer Support Engineer

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Re: Specified a https macafee port 4712

Hi  @Pedro_B_NA Thanks a lot for your answer, it's work !!