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NA runs slowly

shady_kozman Respected Contributor..
Respected Contributor..

NA runs slowly

Hello All, 

i am facing an issue as the NA runs slowly on some PCs so may i know any idea for troubleshooting. i checked and these PC are using the recommended browser.

the NA version is 10.40 

note: i mean running slowly when working on the tool not running tasks  

AndyKemp Acclaimed Contributor..
Acclaimed Contributor..

Re: NA runs slowly

What browser is being used, what the PC OS and version and what does the system resources look like when this occurs?

Have a nice day :)

Andy Kemp
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Outstanding Contributor... Pedro_B_NA Outstanding Contributor...
Outstanding Contributor...

Re: NA runs slowly

Hi @shady_kozman,

go to your NA server, on <home_dir>/jre/ and look for these files:

1.  appserver.rcx

<option name="connect/AppServerURL">xx.xx.xx.xx:1099</option>  ◄ xx.xx.xx.xx is the NA IP address

2. Change ‘AppServerURL’ in commandlineclient.rcx  e.g.:

<option name="connect/AppServerURL">xx.xx.xx.xx:1099</option>  ◄ xx.xx.xx.xx is the the NA IP address


also I recommend you to run a Pruner task to clean old NA events that can cause some slow down on some pages when doing navigation.


Pedro A. Batista
Customer Support Engineer

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