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Error in loading a MIB

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Respected Contributor.

Error in loading a MIB

Error in loading a MIB


I am attempting to load a MIB into NNMi 10.10 and i am getting this error.  


Load MIB File user-snmp-mibs/dmtf-dmi.mib

Begin loading MIB module [DMTF-DMI-MIB] from file user-snmp-mibs/dmtf-dmi.mib at 12.31.54.

Could not load [DMTF-DMI-MIB] MIB Module(s) from file user-snmp-mibs/dmtf-dmi.mib at 12.31.56: Failed to load MIB modules from [$NnmDataDir/shared/nnm/user-snmp-mibs/dmtf-dmi.mib]: Problems were reported during parsing, unable to load requested MIBs. <br>ERROR : Cannot find symbol file://$NnmDataDir/shared/nnm/user-snmp-mibs/dmtf-dmi.mib:Line 597:Column 6:DmiEnumId

This is the line 597 (bold and underlined one) of the dmtf-dmi.mib:
DmiEnumEntry ::= SEQUENCE {
     DmiEnumId      Unsigned32,
     dmiEnumValue   Integer32,
     dmiEnumString  DmiString
Any suggestion how to resolve this?


Thanks for your help

Respected Contributor.

Re: Error in loading a MIB


I simply changed the "D" uppercase to "d" lowercase and it worked.
DmiEnumId  --> dmiEnumId
Regards, Roberto. :D