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IP address translation and NNM

Hao Zhong_1
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IP address translation and NNM

We are managing customers' networks with NNM 6.1. Since some of the customers
use private IP addresses, we have to translate their IP address to avoid
duplicate IP address in the map.

But the problem is that the source address in the SNMP trap sent from the
customer device is still the original private address, and it is not
recognizable to NNM.

Somebody told me that I can use SNMP proxy server to replace the source address
in the trap, but I have no clue how to setup a SNMP proxy server, and I don't
know what kind of proxy server I should use.

Does anybody have the same issue? Thanks for your reply.
Berlene Herren_
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Re: IP address translation and NNM

Take a look at the following URL and select the Netscape Proxy Server info...
that should get you started. The software is located on the application CD