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Locking down NNM Map / View

Aaron Kirby
New Member.

Locking down NNM Map / View

I am having trouble locking down a map after configuring how I want it to look. For example, I have changed the names on several symbols, however, the continue to revert back to what was there before. I am sure it is an easy fix, however, I can't find it.

Thanks for the help

Berlene Herren
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Locking down NNM Map / View

You can change the symbol or label for given icon in one of the following

A. 1. Modify the 'ipmap' file under the $OV_CONF/C directory
Change: Command -Shared -Initial -Restart "ipmap";

To: Command -Shared -Initial -Restart "ipmap -u";

2. Re-start the ovw session.

3. Change the label or symbol to the desired type.


B. 1. Place the following variable into the user's .profile and/or
into /etc/profile (if you wish to make system wide changes:


2. Shutdown the GUI.

3. Logout of the system.

4. Login to the system.

5. Start the GUI.

6. Make the desired changes.

Jens Gottbehuet
Trusted Contributor.

Re: Locking down NNM Map / View

Berlene is right and it works fine, but on my machine (Solaris 2.6) the file is under