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NNMi Deduplication events

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NNMi Deduplication events

Hi all,

I am currently using an NNMi 9.20 on cluster and I have the following problem.

The customer has configured the snmp traps sending, on the monitored device, to all the Cluster Manager Servers, both the physical one and the VIP one.

Doing so we are always receiving TWO traps for each events (one to the VIP IP and the other on the Active Server), I want to know how to eliminate one of this two traps from the appliccation side.

To be more precise I want to receive and show only one trap not two (duplicated), there is a way to "DROP" the trap directed to the physical IP and not the one directed to the VIP?

For example, I'm receiving 2 traps on my system, onne towards IP (Active Node) and the other to IP (VIP), I want only the one directed towards the IP, how can I stop the other one?

I have tried also with the Deduplication tab on the SNMP Trap Configuration, but it doesn't seem to work like I want, it only increment a count of Deduplicadet traps but doesn't discard either of them.

Thank you for you kind attention, any help it's really appreciated.

Regards, Roberto.

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Re: NNMi Deduplication events

There is a file setting that may help in this situation, you can do some more reading in the help regarding it.

/opt/OV/bin/nnmtrapconfig.ovpl -setProp trapInterface <Virtual_IP_of_cluster> -persist

The situation I had was different, but the general idea is similar.

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Re: NNMi Deduplication events

Hi Dan,

thanks for your answer.

Do you mean that by using the command you suggested I can convey the "IN/OUT" traps' flow both from and to the Server NNM on only one interface?

I have this Hypotethical situation:

NNMi Cluster:

Node1 (active one)

Node2 (passive one)


The device monitored by me are currently sending trap to all the three devices (that way I always receives a double trap for each kind of allarms), if i run the command you suggested, for example in this way "/opt/OV/bin/nnmtrapconfig.ovpl -setProp trapInterface -persist", will I receive traps only on the VIP IP (so only one)?

Because I also have founded this information on the /var/opt/OV/shared/nnm/conf/ov.conf where it's said the following:


# uncomment this line and change <nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn> to the IP Address of

# the interface you want NNM to use for communications.

# Note: if you are in an MC/ServiceGuard environment, the IP Address can

# be used to indicate the IP Address of a MC/ServiceGuard floating IP Address.



# If the NNM_INTERFACE is set and you do want SNMP communications

# to use that address, then set this value to OFF.



But I'm not sure if it will work.

Thanks and regards, Roberto.

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Re: NNMi Deduplication events

I believe that using this setting should work, because you are specifying which interface NNMi should use for listening.  From the man page:

trapInterface ip address
Set IP address on which the Trap Service listens for traps. By default it listens on all interfaces.


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Re: NNMi Deduplication events

Why not just fix the devices in question?

Or if you don't want to change NNMi, then use iptables on the server.

Or try making the change, and you'll see very quickly if it works, based upon the netstat output.