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Northbound Integration and Assign Incident issue.

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Northbound Integration and Assign Incident issue.

Hi all,


we have just installed NNMi 9.25 on a Redhat 6.4 O.S. machine and enabled the "HP NNMi Northbound" Interface Destinations to forward management events to an external



Following the NNMi deployment manual:


Every time When northbound destination includes lifecycle state changed notifications, NNMi sends a LifecycleStateChangeEvent ( trap to

the northbound application when the lifecycle state of an incident changes to the IN PROGESS, COMPLETED, or CLOSED lifecycle state in NNMi. The northbound application

can associate the LifecycleStateChangeEvent with the original incident.


Looking in the Mib variables I found:


1 nnmiApplicationId
2 nnmiNmsUrl
3 nnmiReserved1
4 nnmiReserved2
5 nnmiIncidentName
6 nnmiIncidentUuid
7 nnmiIncidentLifecycleStatePreviousValue
8 nnmiIncidentLifecycleStateCurrentValue
9 nnmiIncidentOriginTime


But there is not the variable:


19 nnmiIncidentAssignedTo, which is present only for the EventLifecycleStateClosed ( notification.

I don't know if a snmp trap is sent when I assign an incident to an user or when I take ownership of one.


Does anyone know if it's possible and How to send a trap, using the "HP NNMi Northbound" integration, every time someone "Assign Incident" to an user?


Thanks in advance, Roberto.

Dave Young
Micro Focus Expert

Re: Northbound Integration and Assign Incident issue.



  An incident assignment won't force the generation of a Northbound incident as it does not constitute a lifecycle state change.   However if you do change the lifecycle state after assigning the incident the varbind that could carry the owner's name is not included, as you have stated.


  There is no way to customize these traps so I would suggest opening Enhancement requests to :


  1) Request this incident owner varbind be added to the lifecycle state change trap

  2) For a trap to be generated over northbound when the ownership of an incident changes.


  In this way R&D can be made aware of your request and can evaluate it.


  All the best


Dave Y



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Re: Northbound Integration and Assign Incident issue.

Hi Roberto


You can try this in following way,


1.   In action tab of the incident, when the incident life-cycle is set to In Progress, call a script.


2.   In the script you can get the user to whom the incident is assigned from DB. For example in Postgres you can run

      following SQL query,


      select assign from nms_incidents where uuid="uuid-of-incident";


      uuid is Incident UUID which you can get from nnmiIncidentUuid which is passed.


3.  Invoke another SNMP trap by passing the user assigned.


4.  Create OV message based on new SNMP trap.


Hope that helps.