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Problem with fonts in X terminal

Javier Subias_1
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Problem with fonts in X terminal


I'm trying to get NNM working in a Sun Solaris 2.6. I'm just trying to open a X
session from the CDE with the Management console (a HP 9000/800) in order to
use the NNM console (a simple X session so far, not a shared console or
anything like that). Then I make a rsh connection to the Management console, I
export the DISPLAY variable and when I start ovw I get these nasty messages:

Warning: Missing charsets in String to Fontset conversion
Warning: Cannot convert string "-dt-interface

.. and things like this. I followed some directions I found that should solve
the problem (editing the file system.resources of the corresponding locale to
take out the colons at the end of the fonts) but the problem persist (with a
similar message). This same problem occurs in other Sun workstations. The
console works fine in an Exceed Xserver.

Could anybody please help me?

Thanks in advance,

Berlene Herren_
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Re: Problem with fonts in X terminal

To resolve these errors, configure a font server on your HP-UX system, and set
the font path on the Sun system to check the font server fonts.

Perform these steps on the HP-UX system:

1. Edit the /etc/rc.config.d/xfs by setting RUN_X_FONT_SERVER=1.

2. Use your root ID to execute the '/sbin/init.d/xfs start' command.

Perform these steps on the remote system:

1. Log in as the user who will run ovw.

2. Execute the 'xset +fp tcp/:7000' command.

3. Execute the 'xset fp rehash' command.

4. Execute the 'xset -q' command.

5. Perform an rlogin to the HP system.

6. Execute the 'ovw -display ...' command.

Every X application requests fonts from the application defaults files or from
the code. The Xserver then searches all of the known fonts to
locate the font request. If the Xserver does not find the requested font, it
reverts back to the system font, and you will see these warning

Xt Warning: Missing charsets in String to FontSet conversion

This is an Xtool kit warning from the remote system.

Javier Subias_1
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Re: Problem with fonts in X terminal

Thanks for the answer. It worked fine, although I had to include the fonts
server name in the step 2 in order to be able to add his fonts. This means:

xset +fp tcp/:7000

Best regards,