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problems compiling against libovw.jar

Douglas Gardner Absent Member.
Absent Member.

problems compiling against libovw.jar

Here is a simple test program to recreate the compiling problems I'm having
with the "libovw.jar" file. We are using version 6.1 of the Network Node
Manager SDK. This program compiles and runs with the "debug.libovw.jar"

package OpenViewTest;
import hp.ov.libovw.*;

public class OpenViewTest
LibOvw libovw;
OVwMapInfo map;

public OpenViewTest()
libovw = new LibOvw();
libovw.OVwInitSession("EllacoyaMapApp", "stanley:0");
map = libovw.OVwGetMapInfo();

// Main entry point
static public void main(String[] args)
new OpenViewTest();

Here is the error that the Java CodeWarrior compiler returns:

Error : No variable map_name defined in class hp.ov.libovw.OVwMapInfo. line 14 System.out.println(map.map_name);


Doug Gardner