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Add Firefox on Windows as fully supported browser for OMi/OBM vers 10.63+ console

We have an urgent need to utilize Firefox browser to access the OMi console.  Our current OMi/OBM version is 10.63 and the current Firefox version in use is 60.0 running on Windows 10.

Please add full feature set support for the Firefox browser to access the OMi/OBM console.

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Status changed to: Waiting for Votes
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Dear Submitter,

When you say fully supported browser, i understand you are referring to the need of using RTSM local client for RTSM admin UIs, right?

Today, all the application UIs in OBM are fully supported with the firefox browser and only the RTSM Admin UIs have an issue where OBM has a dependency on the UCMDB to provide the HTML5 UIs. This is on their roadmap and as soon as it gets implemented by them, OBM will incorporate the same.

Let us know if you were referring to any other non RTSM UI.

Thanks & Regards,

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We are referring to ALL OBM-related consoles, RTSM included.  The Workspaces (Event, Performance, Health perspectives, Dashboards) and Administration consoles which includes RTSM.