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Integrate Agent HEalthview into OMi

Agent Healthview is a valuable tool managing Agents.

But at the moment it has a seperate UI. With seperate LDAP Configuration, Installing it on the OMi Server itself causes issues with the Upgrade process with OMi (especially 10.70). This all causes efford in maintenance and during upgrade. Installing Healthview on a seperate server isnt what customer likes. Customer likes to consolidate not to expand the VM environment with an extra server for each OMi component..

So please integrate the Healthview Page into OMi, e.g. as a  Dashboard.

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Agent health view is really a useful tool and we are waiting for such since many years. Now it is available but it seems it is quite premature. This require many other enhancements. recently had a chance to talk to product manager and he told me that they are already working on to integrate within OMi but we do not know about timeline.

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Thats a good news ! Yes this has been requested by many customers. We should start thinking about making things easier for the customers. Having a proper agent monitoring is a big pain in almost all the environment i have seen. Especially with all those disturbing internal health messages. Things need to be clear and simpler and encapsulated. I am sure OMi can be much better soon provided they consider all this ideas which are shared by the crowd. This will make OBM/OMi the best.