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Make list of Agent HotFix(s) public available

Agent upgrade from one version to another is quite long journey and as of today we apply fix(s) only when we encounter with an issue which is quite reactive approach.

If the list of HF is available per version like patches, one can review it periodically and apply HF(S).


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Status changed to: Declined

The recommendation to get all the latest fixes, is to upgrade to the latest version of Operations Agent. Operations Agent now has more frequent releases, making it possible to get the updates faster.

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@Madan Gopal D This is really very unfortunate that it was declined without have any discussion.

Upgrading agent in production environment is not an easy task specially when these frequent releases are not just the bundle of HotFix(s) but also include new feature(s). When there are new features there are defects. sometime we need HotFix on Top of HotFix. This makes monitoring unstable.  Agent upgrade in an environment need lot of time and efforts for testing, planning, change management etc. In last 7 years we upgraded our agent environment only 3 times. 8.60->11.14-12.04.

After all upgrade(s) we faced several issues with running environment which is not accepted. With new version of agent we expect it to be more stable but here is is just opposite. Our strategy is to upgrade the agent only when previous agent version is out of support and make it stable by applying the fix(s).

Another point is quality of support.  You release these new version every 3 months and resolution time to fix issue reported to support is more than 3 month in current situation. i do not see any balance.

And therefore it is really helpful when List of HF(S) are public available so we can review. check against any issue we are facing and then apply it and make environment stable.

This idea was able to get 24 votes which means other customer(s) do agree with concern raised and therefore i would ask you to reconsider it.