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OMi / OBM version that does no longer need Adobe Flash Player

Due to security policies, we are no longer allowed to use Flash Player and corresponding browser plugins starting May 2019.

Therefore we need an OMi / OBM version that does no longer need Flash Player as client-side prerequisite before this deadline (May 2019).

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This is in the plans but the timeline is yet to be worked out. Will update as soon as have more information.

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As we become more and more security focused and need to reduce our foot-print, Flash cannot continue to be part of the solution.  HTML 5.0 I thought was going to resolve this?

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Status changed to: Under Consideration

yes, we are looking into it. Some of the operational UIs have been converted to HTML5 but there are still some gaps that need to be addressed.

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This is a top request of my customer since 10.0x, and since then even the html eventbrowser isnt enterprise ready yet. so i wont get expectation high. My personal guess is as long there is still one browser that supports flash there will be no change as there is still a usable UI. But lets see.
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I have raised a ticket for this months ago as well and got confirmation that this would be fixed. However no timelines are available as of yet it seems and questions on this are not answered anymore.

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I have recently updated the flash player in my system which has created a problem that is not allowing me to play content in my web browser. I have tried updating the software but there is no fix for the problem.

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I too would like to know when OMI will not be considered a security vulnerability at my company.

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I too am concerned that my customer may view the flash player a vulnerability.  I would like the fix to ba a patch.  I don't want to have to upgrade to 2018.11 or 2019.05 or whatever the next release will be.  I've seen too many issues raised to upgrade to 2018.11 to want to take the risk.