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Public API access to performance metric data

OMi Performance Dashboard does not have any supported interfaces for users to show performance data in 3rd party portals.

Request is for OMi PD to provide a public REST API to fetch a list of metrics for a given CI over a given time frame.  Support all data sources that PD supports (ie, Agent, OpsCx, SiteScope, APM, CO, RTM, etc).  Ability to specify the CI by its CI ID or by its CI Type and CI Name.

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I can't think of another platform I have worked with in the last 5-10 years that does not have a user friendly, well documented, REST API.  Including all of the free options.  OM agents have a wealth of metric data that our customers would use if they could.  Instead right now they are downloading Nagios or buying their own solutions, because they see OM as a black box that just fires alarms to the NOC. We really need to make this data open and accesible in a modern way if it is not going to be wholesale replaced.  

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This is a must have !

I have a customer who want to get those performance metrics from OpsBridge Premium, what can I reply to them ?

What is the plan B ?

Is it possible for a customer to extract DATA from OBR and reload them into an external DATAMART with an ETL solution ?

Do we provide the Tables/Relations of the OBR Database ?