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(OBR) Support Tip: OBR 10.30 "Steps to upgrade only BO from 4.1 SP8 to 4.2 SP5"

Micro Focus Expert Sandeep Kumar S
Micro Focus Expert

(OBR) Support Tip: OBR 10.30 "Steps to upgrade only BO from 4.1 SP8 to 4.2 SP5"


With OBR 10.30 it has been noticed that BO upgrade does not work though in the install logs it shows successful.


2018-03-18 09:24:08,745 INFO - Executing initialize action : Installing SAP BusinessObjects. Please wait...

2018-03-18 09:25:06,897 INFO - The script /bin/bash /opt/OV/  has returned a value of 0

2018-03-18 09:25:06,898 INFO - Upgrading package HPPmdbBORebrand 10.30.000 (HP PMDB BO rebrand)

2018-03-18 09:27:36,738 INFO - Successfully upgraded :  package HPPmdbBORebrand 10.30.000 (HP PMDB BO rebrand)


The version still shows 4.1 SP 8 instead of 4.2 SP5.  This is because of all BO Servers were in running state during upgrade.

Steps To Upgrade:

1) Make sure all the servers in the CMC is stopped except CentralManagement server, InputFile, OutputFile repository servers without any issues.

Login to CMC page (http://<servername>:8080/CMC)
2)  Switch to shrboadmin user as   su – shrboadmin
3) Go the Software extracted folder  <Extracted Folder>/packages/BO/Upgrade.
4)  Run  ./  the following screen will appear as below.  Provide the BO path (/opt/HP/BSM/BOE4/).
5) Make sure all the pre-requisites are passed as shown below  and click on Enter
6) Read the Software License Agreements and Enter
7) Provide the CMS Administrator password. ( don’t touch any CMS Name,CMS Port, User)
8) Click on standard installation (by default selected, you just press Enter)
9) Press Enter to start the upgrade
10) Once after successful installation, verify you are able to login to CMC page as well as Admin UI page ( Please note that CMC page, BI Launchpad page may effect)
11) Run the attached script to do rebranding . This script can run with root user.

The attached document has screenshots and script.