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HP OO Health Check

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HP OO Health Check

Wanted to brainstorm solutions for monitoring HP OO and determining if it's healthy.


Functionality I can think of are as follows:

Can a user log into central?

Can a user run a flow from central?

Can a headless flow be run?

Can a flow with RAS operations be run?

Can a flow be scheduled?

Can I see reports?


We currently have keep alives on OO's ports, but this is no sufficient (OO loses connection to repository, none of the above works, but the port is still open).


Any other suggestions you all can think of?

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Re: HP OO Health Check



I find that the <platform> Health Check flow from /Library/Accelerator Packs/Operating Systems/<platform> gives you a fair understanding of the state of the OS that RAS/Central is running on.  If the OS is having difficulty then RAS could be suffering.


The Health Check flow can then be adapted to including checking the RAS\Central services/process state.  Port ping to check the network route/firewall ports between Central and RAS.


Checking the log files for comms, if RAS is getting the request and then not processing it. Possible errors of why it is going wrong.


If something fails you can then handle it, i.e. restart service/process. Reboot server etc.


Separately, using the /Configuration/Remote Action Services properties and click check availability will verify the status of the RAS.




Stephen Cannons