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Ajax True client protocol_Time Out Error_PC11.5

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Ajax True client protocol_Time Out Error_PC11.5

The scripts were developed using  Ajax True client protocol. When the test is executed in performance center using the Load generator, transactions get stuck at the initialization sections and execution ends due to timeout.
While we run the same scripts from the controller, behavior is not consistent , I mean sometime it get executed successfully while some times it get stuck at the initialization sections.
We have also noticed that it was one of the known defect  which is fixed  by the HP Performance Center 11.52 patch 1.
But even though the our PC version 11.52 patch 1, we are still facing this issue. Please help
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Re: Ajax True client protocol_Time Out Error_PC11.5

This requires deeper analysis, it may be something really simple like loadgenerator agent running as services, but it ight be something more complex, so the best you can do is open a case with support and let them fix this for you.