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sapgui script that runs an "upload" to excel from a .csv

Jim Stock_1
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sapgui script that runs an "upload" to excel from a .csv

when i follow the link in that post - it takes me to a page with ancient data (september 30 2014, etc) ...



anyway, my question is this:

i have a sapgui script that triggers a SAPGUI tcode that runs an "upload" to excel from a ".csv" file.

this script runs fine manually via VuGEN on all load generators, and of coursem manually via SAPGUI.

But when i run it as a scenario, it fails on the load generators, only the "localhost" on the controller can execute the file upload successfully.


What is different in LoadGenerator mode (as a vuser) that is preventing the script execution on the other load generators?

i have tried using a shared drive, c:\...\dir2\filename.csv, "\dir1\dir2\filename.csv" and "filename.csv" - all fail except when via VuGen.





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