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How to measure "Java memory utilization per one user session"?

rmgunta Trusted Contributor.
Trusted Contributor.

How to measure "Java memory utilization per one user session"?

We are trying to find the "Java memory utilization per one user session" as part of the Load test and need any pointers to do the same.

We are able to get that using tools like JProfile, X-Rebel to capture the memory consumption, but I am looking if there is better option with Load Runner tool itself.

I appreciate any solutions or suggestions in that direction.


Ram Gunta

Micro Focus Expert Shlomi Nissim
Micro Focus Expert

Re: How to measure "Java memory utilization per one user session"?


LoadRunner/Performance Center has an integration with Micro Focus Diagnostics which gives you profiler like capability only that it allow also to break down a transaction in the script to server breakdown (web, logic, database) and view chain of calls to understand where time was spent. The data is available in Diagnostics screen, which is embedded inside LoadRunner Controller or Performance Center online screen, while the test is running and fetched to be viewed in LoadRunner Analysis when the test ended.

You can also use LoadRunner/Performance integration with Dynatrace which allows coloring http requests on the one hand and getting metric from Dynatrace in LR/PC.

As a practitioner  I used Diagnostics and YourKit with both LR and PC, but I had free license for Diagnostics :-)






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