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PC ALM 12.55 Installation Issues

paragi  Valued Contributor..
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PC ALM 12.55 Installation Issues

Im trying to install PC-ALM 12.55 on a Windows Server 2016 64-bit.  First issue was with the license key provided as an invalid license file, advised to select Use Evaluation.  After completing  the remainder of the installation/confguration screen, the actual install FAILED.

Is anyone else having issues installing PC-ALM 12.55 on Windows Server 2016?  Its a supported environment, so not sure whats going on.


Micro Focus Expert Shlomi Nissim
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Re: PC ALM 12.55 Installation Issues


The failure is in the ALM installer which is handled by ALM R&D team. I suggest opening a support ticket. Meanwhile, I will try to engage ALM R&D here to see if they have a workaround.



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Re: PC ALM 12.55 Installation Issues

The error is that the readme folder doesn't exist in installation folder.

Readme folder is in ALM installer, it will be copied to installation folder then copied to deployment folder.

For windows, the command to copy it to installation folder is

robocopy "$EXTRACTOR_DIR$$/$readme" "$USER_MAGIC_FOLDER_1$$/$AppResources$/$readme"

Don't know in which scenario it is not copied to installation folder. It should be related to the window command.

The workaround is manually copy this folder to "[ALM installation folder]/AppResources/" after installation and before deployment.