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Truclient reply issue

Maram Valued Contributor.
Valued Contributor.

Truclient reply issue

Hi All,

I am preparing truclient script in LR12.53 using mozilla FF. I am trying to replay the script but script was not replaying from browser. Intially its working fine after some time i am unable to reply the script. But i am able to run individual steps and running from vugen successfully. Previously also i am facing same issue at that time i am reinstalling my vugen. But every time re installing is not the solution. So pls help me about this issue.




Micro Focus Expert
Micro Focus Expert

Re: Truclient reply issue

Hi Maram,

Can you provide more details about the issues you're experiencing?

What is not work, exactly? Are messages shown? What does the log say?

Are you running your scripts in VuGen? Controller? Other tools?