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Additional Oracle license requires ?

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Additional Oracle license requires ?

Hi friends,


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Currently my customer having :


Item#  Product name#                                         Product #                 Quantity


10            HP PPM 9.20 Eng SW E-Media                                   T5570FAE                         1

20            HP PPM DM-X Ora EBZ 9.20 Eng SW E-Med           T5572FAE                          1

30            HP PPM Foundn up to 25 Usrs SW E-LTU                T5580AAE                        1

40            HP PPM Deployment Mgt Nmd Usr SW E-LT          T5592AAE                         16

50            HP PPM Admin + Config Nmd Usr SW E-LT             T7372AAE                        1

60            HP PPM DM Oracle Ext Nmd Usr SW E-LTU             T7373AAE                         16





They would like to purchase an additional 7 and 10 PPM Deployment Management license. And they would like to know if there is any additional Oracle license required ?


Please advise.


Thank you for your time.



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Re: Additional Oracle license requires ?

Hi @DuyNK


I can help to get you connected with the appropriate PPM sales representative to discuss this additional licensing.  I will follow up with PM to offer contact information.



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