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Fill Request Header fields on login

Mohamed_Halim  Frequent Contributor..
 Frequent Contributor..

Fill Request Header fields on login

Hi Experts,

IS there a way to populate some fields in the request header type on login for example i need to fill the department field & department head based on the requestor and can't be edited. 

Appreciate your help. 

Derek Giedd Honored Contributor.
Honored Contributor.

Re: Fill Request Header fields on login

I have done this with a rule that runs when the request is created.  The rule executes SQL to return the Department.  The code to return the department would be similar to the code below:

SELECT ku.department_code,  CASE ku.department_code WHEN Null THEN Null ELSE (SELECT lu.meaning FROM knta_lookups lu WHERE lu.lookup_type = 'DEPT' AND lu.lookup_code = ku.department_code) END meaning
FROM kntausers ku
WHERE ku.user_id = [SYS.USER_ID]
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