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General Feedback of PPM DMS

DanielJiang Trusted Contributor.
Trusted Contributor.

General Feedback of PPM DMS

Could you guys provide me the general feedback of the database based Document Management Solution provided by PPM, both from users' perspeactive as well as support perspective?

Long time ago, we used the Documentum solution integrated with PPM, it was a nightmare especially during server migration. Now we want to consider the DMS developed and provided by PPM, but just want to get some feedback before actually using it.



Aurobinda Super Contributor.
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Re: General Feedback of PPM DMS

Currently, It's(OOTB PPM-DMS) very simple setup and very easy at the time of migration. No need of maintaining an extra server as well like earlier.
So, you may go for it.
Micro Focus Expert
Micro Focus Expert

Re: General Feedback of PPM DMS

Hi Daniel,

There are many PPM users using PPM Database DMS currently, and as far as I can tell, it is incredibly smoother than back in the Documentum days, with no loss of functionality (check-in/Check-out, Versionning, Full Text Search). 

The only draw back is that since documents are stored in the database, you'll need to make sure you have enough disk space in your DB.  Note that since 9.14 there's an option to use "PPM External Database DMS", where documents are stored in a different DB Schema than the PPM Schema. This can make maintenance easier/cheaper, depending on your Oracle Administration practices. 

As for the migration, you don't even need to turn off PPM to migrate from Documentum (or from File System DMS) to PPM Database DMS. Everything is done online, and there's only just 5 seconds in the process during which your users will get an error message if they try to attach new documents. Except for that, it's business as usual.

PPM Database DMS was introduced in PPM 9.13, about 7 years ago, so I would consider the technology mature and field-proven.

Full Disclosure: I'm biased on that topic since I was part of the team that implemented PPM Database DMS and the DMS Migration process, and have kept maintaining it until now.